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What is Abundance? The state or condition of having a copious quantity of something.

We are a community that celebrates passion in unconventional ways. What does abundance mean to you? The world can be overwhelming but so can the Word. At Abundant Life Chapel, we want to be your bridge from where you are to who you’ll be. Join us Sundays.


God desires to use the church to multiply His good will on earth. When we give with generous hearts, the Holy Spirit stretches our intent into the community, not just for ourselves but our neighbors. Join us in this mission.


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To Lead people to live abundantly

We can fight or we can embrace our futures. Here at Abundant Life Chapel, we desire not just connection, but the opportunity to share life with you.
Are you hungry for understanding? Are you tired of the notion that all Christians are known for these days is disagreement and division? Are you ready to reach out to those of us who feel forgotten and alone? Are you excited to serve and lead with compassion?

We are a community that builds and supports each other. We practice loving our neighbors as ourselves. At Abundant Life Chapel, we know we have more than enough to give as a life in Christ is an abundant life indeed.

Meet The Team

Pastor Tayo Tychus

Lead Pastor

Pastor Tim Lofinmakin

Executive Pastor

Dr. Ena Tychus

Head of Life Groups and Experiences

Pastor Danny Prince II

Teen Pastor


1300 Mercantile Lane, Suite 230 Largo, MD 20774

Sunday At 10AM